Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My mother had a long shoot yesterday that ran into the evening, so I left work a bit early and picked up the kids. We went to see "Sky High", which was better than I expected. There was some humor geared for my generation, but a lot was there for them as well. The hero of the movie is the same age as my nephew Joey, so he at least could identify and was entertained. We followed that with dinner at Red Robin, because my friend James swears they have the best burgers in Boulder (practically) - I don't know about that, since I had the salad and in my humble opinion the Walnut Brewery holds the "best burger" claim.

When we got back to the house, somehow (while I was out of the room and therefore unavailable to referee) Alex challenged Joey to do the same workout on the bike trainer that Alex does practically every night. Since Joey can never back down from a challenge, we put Alex's biking shoes on him, popped in the training video, and made him ride - the whole 40 minute program, with the simulated hills and race and all. By the end of it, the poor kid was covered in sweat and grunting "I hate you" at Alex out of the side of his mouth. Actually, he was a good sport, and he actually finished - I was really proud of him. Then his sister said, "Dude, if you did that every night, you'd get rid of your man-boobs."

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