Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The flu bug that's been going around at work bit me, but luckily I am pumping so many vitamins into my body each day that instead of the flu it was only a cold. However, said cold lasted for 5 days, and I still sound congested. I went home sick from work on Thursday, stayed home Friday, Monday was a holiday, stayed home Tuesday, and am just now back among the worker bees. The one thought that I take away from the last 5 days is THANK GOD FOR TIVO. I mean, I was up and around on Sunday and Monday, but Friday - it was all TiVo, all the time. I watched probably 4 hours worth of "Everyday Italian" (LOVE Giada de Laurentiis), several episodes of "CSI" and "South Park", plus "Battlestar Galactica" with A when he go home from work. A is, by the way, a man who doesn't understand why there is television programming beyond Speedvision, the History Channel, and Mythbusters, but he absolutely loves "Battlestar Galactica". Could it be because of the blond who usually isn't fully dressed?

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