Monday, February 28, 2005

Feel a little ripped off by the Oscars last night - BORRRING. Who here didn't know who was going to win in almost every category? I thought the musical numbers were a bad choice - Beyonce singing three out the four songs, including one in French? We couldn't find a French person out there to sing at least that song? And how about Antonio Banderas singing the song from "The Motorcycle Diaries" - why oh why would they do that to us? All of this has just given A further ammo to throw at me whenever an awards show comes along - he stayed out of the room all evening, but came back at the end with a smirk a mile wide.

There is a conference this week for work, taking place at a nearby hotel - there are about 5 people in the building. It's been amazing - I've gotten more work done in 4 hours today than I got done all of last week. The real beauty is the quiet - no phones ringing, no shouted conference calls on speakerphone, no one popping in to my cube just to distract me - I love this.

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