Monday, October 18, 2004

It was a good, calm weekend for the most part. I staffed at the rescue squad on Saturday night, and spend Sunday finishing up some projects around the house. Joni came over at 11:30, and our plan was to go to Tuesday Morning, and then a movie. We allowed ourselves an hour to browse at TM before needing to head back to Boulder for the movie. Well, that didn't work...we spent 3 hours shopping. After that, we needed sustenance, so we headed to Southern Sun Brew Pub for snacks and drinks.

Later on Sunday, my brother headed up to Boulder to join my mother and me for dinner. He had promised to do some reorg on my mom's home theater setup, plus we hadn't seen him in a while. My mother was heading home from the airport, so Turtle and I hit Munson Farms for some produce - I got winter and butternut squash, green beans, pumpkins and peaches & cream corn. Yum. I can taste the squash soup already.

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