Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I tried to keep busy all weekend so that I wouldn't think about Maggie and having to bury her in the yard. That was one of the harder things I've ever had to do. My girl just didn't have it in her anymore - the diabetes was wrecking her body and the vet assured me that she wasn't likely to ever improve. So I did what I think I had to do. I cried and I kissed her head and I told her I was sorry, and then I wrapped her in a shawl and buried her. I confess that I rubbed her toes after she was gone, something that she would have never let me do while she was alive.

The rest of the weekend involved renovating both the master bedroom and the guest bath - new paint, new light fixtures, new curtains, new shelves and hardware in the bathroom , new sink and shower fixtures, the works. It really does look amazing. My mother helped with the whole thing (thank the Lord), otherwise not only would it not be finished, but I probably wouldn't have even started the job.


daisy said...

I'm sorry to read about your cat. We had to put our beloved dog to sleep early this summer. I still really miss her. It's not fair; they're so beautiful, and they become such a big part of our lives. Why can't they stick around longer?

Mags said...

Beancounter, I know what you mean. She had been with me for almost 9 years, through different homes in different states, pretty much the one constant through that time. It's horrible to lose that unconditional love.