Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Not much is new and exciting yet this week. The kids arrive tomorrow, and Mom spent her first night in her new house last night. We're going to the Fox Theater tonight to hear the Rebirth Brass Band - a friend from work recommended the show, said it was fantastic.

At the massive neighborhood garage sale a couple of weeks ago, I bought a composter for the backyard - your typical giant black plastic dome-type thing, called the Earth Machine. I've been saving all my kitchen scraps and bought some wood chips for the foundation of it, so tonight after work, I'll go home and turn the soil (get those worms and other critters woken up)...and start composting! I have a great book that talks about all the stuff that can go in there, and how often I have to "stir", and how long it should take. Alex thinks I'm nuts and wants the composter hidden behind a bush or something, says it's really ugly, but he will change his tune when we have luscious shrubs and flowers due to my composting efforts.

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