Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm home sick AGAIN today, thanks to those in my office who are now known collectively as "Typhoid Martin" (since they're all male). Here is yet another fine example of why you should use the sick days that you're given - so you don't go to the office and make everyone around you sick! A special thanks goes out to the two guys in my department who both had strep throat a couple of weeks ago, and yet unselfishly chose to go to work anyway. We now have 12 active cases of strep at work, and I suspect I'm about to be included in those numbers. A quick visit to my local GP will confirm my suspicions.

Since it's Friday and I'm not at work, I thought I'd compile a list of things I'm grateful for today:

    It's Friday (obvious, but must be listed)

    Alex and I get to do a couple-kinda thing this weekend, extra special because we haven't had time alone in a while

    It's been raining for a week or so, and my grass, trees and flowers couldn't be happier

    Joey and Mare arrive next week and will stay for two months

    Gas in Boulder is down to $1.75/gallon, even at Shell and Conoco

    My little Subaru gets about 26 miles/gallon, and it only cost me $23 to fill it the other day

    Everyone in my family is healthy and seems to be happy (!)

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