Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Busy morning already, and it's not even 8am. Today is a big meeting day at work, and I tried to get here early, but was thwarted by my cozy bed and my little red dog. She so wanted my attention this morning, I just couldn't resist. We sat on the floor and she stretched out and howled and begged for scratches. By the time I jumped up to get ready, it was already pushing 6:30....

Today is Bike to Work Day, and while I personally couldn't participate (having no working bike and an 11 mile commute that includes the freeway), I was able to count all the bicyclists that I passed on the way in - 21 between my home and office. They're expecting thousands, just in Boulder County, and I hope that it happens. I've looked into alternatives to driving, the bus being the most practical - but it would take me about 40 minutes to get here, versus the 15 minutes I usually spend driving. I've also thought about riding my trusty scooter, Pepe Salsa, but it doesn't really go over 35 mph, and I'm afraid I'll be run off the road for going too slow. Biking will probably be the best option, once I get the bike repaired and road-worthy again.

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