Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm finally home from my business trip, with only a couple of days to spare before the holidays. It was a good trip, but two weeks is a long time to be away. I spent the first week in a kind of general training, more of an overview of the company and the industry, and then the second week was more hands-on work. There is a lot to learn, and they didn't really have much of a process in place to explain the day-to-day work tasks, but I'm sure I'll pick it up. I'm smarter than the average bear.

I love working in Boulder. My commute is 10 minutes by car, or 20 by bike. We're having an unseasonably warm December, so as soon as I can find my backpack, I want to try to ride to work until the weather gets bad. Our office is the top floor of a small building, on the corner of the main shopping street in Boulder (Pearl). About 4 blocks west of my office is the Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian mall that is home to a ton of yummy restaurants and cafes, and some pretty decent shopping, including my favorite kitchen store. I've been walking every day at lunch, plus my parking space is about three blocks from the office, so I've really enjoyed having the excuse to get out. At my last job, there was NOTHING near the office, and it was right next to the freeway, so you never wanted to just get out and walk around. Let me sum this up by saying the "quality of life" change is immeasurable.

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