Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Drinking is so much more fun when you're with someone. Actually, drinking alone is more than just sad, it's probably dangerous. Being a thousand miles from home, in a city where I have only one friend (we don't meet up until tomorrow night), it's just easier to go back to the hotel each night after work. Yes, I went to a movie already (saw "Syriana", more on that in a minute), I found the mall and shopped, Google Map'd the nearest Trader Joe's and In-N-Out it's not as if I have been hiding in my room. The work days are a bit longer this week, and I'm TIRED! So, I picked up a couple of bottles of wine last week (at half the price they are in CO - God love Trader Joe's!), and have been working my way through them ever since. Actually, I only bought two bottles, and that was like 5 days ago - I think I'm doing pretty good! Tomorrow night, though - drinks! Much drinking! Many glasses! I will be sitting with three friends (okay, I lied, I know more than just one person), and we all met twenty - yes, 2 with a 0 - years ago.

So, "Syriana". I really enjoyed this movie, but it sure is unsatisfying. I'm actually not quite sure what it was supposed to be about. (Haha, I just typed "aboot", made me think of my friend Vic in Canada - yes, Bunny, you do say "aboot") Anyway, the movie was beautiful to look at, and I'm not just referring to Mr. Clooney. That man can pack on an extra 50 lbs or so and still make me lose my train of though. Ask my kid brother how much I love George - he and I were watching "Out of Sight" together a few years ago, and when G.C. takes of his shirt in the hotel room with JLo, I made this little kind of "oh!" sound. My brother turned and looked at me, then threw his head back and roared with laughter.

Besides gazing at George, there is Matt Damon, the newly-married, more-talented half of the "Good Will Hunting" team. Matt is perfectly fine in this movie, but nothing to write home about. Infinitely more interesting is the actor who played the older son of the Emir, I'm not sure of his name. You've got Amanda Peet being all intelligent and edgy, and Christopher Plummer lurching through his scenes (I think actually that you could swap out all of Mr. Plummer's roles for the last few years, and no one would be able to tell the difference). There's a wonderful cameo by William Hurt, an actor I've always adored, but don't tell that to my ex-boyfriend the actor, who thought he was constantly losing roles to "Bill".

I think I'll see "Syriana" again. Maybe I wasn't paying attention the first time. Maybe I was distracted by all the male booty. Maybe I was just drunk.

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