Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekends used to be about hanging out, visiting with friends, relaxing at home - what happened to that? It seems like every Saturday, all I do is run errands. I leave the house in the morning with what seems like a small list, and I end up coming home 7 hours later, tired, needing to cook dinner and still do laundry! WTF?

Today is a perfect example. All of the errands I can usually knock out during the week have been relegated to Saturday. This because I've had to use all my free time on weekdays to sit around on my ass at the drivers license office and Social Security, trying to get my name changed. How can it be that two separate and unrelated government offices (one state, one federal) had simultaneous "computers down" and were unable to process my paperwork? How is it that said computer outage occured on the DAY I TOOK OFF WORK TO RUN THESE PARTICULAR ERRANDS?

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