Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm playing with Blogger's new photo tool - that's a pic of me and my friend Tara, taken at a work event last week. You've gotta love a place that sends you bowling and out for Japanese food on a Friday!

Despite having the wedding and all the attendant fanfare behind me, I don't feel like things have really slowed down that much. I still seem to be busy with something at least four nights a week, even though I've taken a break from the rescue squad and I'm not doing any classes or volunteer work this season. Life just takes over - tonight I have to attend a meeting about the status of our land as being in the "flood plain", which is code for requires very expensive flood insurance, and whether or not it can be re-designated. Friday night is swimming/bbq/cocktails at the Elks Lodge, which is a real neighborhoody thing to do. Saturday I have a massage (hallelujah!), and then a cocktail party, and then the kids are spending the night before we get up REALLY early to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a day hike - about 7 miles roundtrip, with lunch along the way. They're both good sports and so gung ho about trying new things - I hope they can keep that spirit their whole lives.

BTW, the song listed at right ("At Last") is not actually how I feel - I'm fully aware that there will be lonely days - I just love the song.

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