Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's only in these hottest days of summer that I'm grateful to work in an office building all day - especially an office filled with very expensive, very sensitive electronic equipment, such that the indoor temperature must remain low at all times. It's about 95 degrees outside right now, I know this because I just had to walk out of the building and across the street to the parking lot of our neighboring building, because the landlord threw a BBQ for the tenants of the three buildings in our little area. It's HOT out there. To combat the heat, I like to work as late as possible, killing two birds with one stone - rack up some of that OT, and stay indoors until the sun is a bit lower in the sky, and my car has found some shade next to the east side of the building. However, last night it didn't cool off all that much until close to 10pm, so tonight calls for drastic measures - I've begged the boy to take me to a movie. I want to see "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", because there are worse things than watching Brad Pitt for two hours just to escape the heat.

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