Monday, June 20, 2005

...19 days to go...

We had one of those huge neighborhood garage sales on Saturday in my mother's 'hood. I have spent the past few weeks slowly going through every room of my house (except the kitchen, I should have made time for that), weeding through 17 years worth of crap that has accumulated since I've been living on my own. Wow, that makes me sound really old. Anyway, I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening hauling massive amounts of stuff over to my mother's house, and then got up at 5am on Saturday WHICH IS CRIMINAL in order to be there and get stuff organized before people descended at 7:45, because you know that any time a garage sale is advertised as starting at 8am, people will start showing up a half hour early. Only that didn't happen. They started to slowwwwwly trickle in about 8:30 or so, just a few at a time, until about 9:30, when we got slammed. We speculated that it was because there were so many homes participating (I think it was over 40), that it took people a while to find there way back to us, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood as we were. So by 9:30, there were mobs of people, a handful of women pawing through the mountains of clothes that I was parting with (8 full Hefty lawn bags full), some of which still had tags, and all of which were going for $2 a piece. There was still some junk left at the end of the day, but I made $350 and most important of all, the first thing I sold was A's hideous black lacquer yeah-i'm-a-bachelor dresser. Glory be.

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