Wednesday, June 08, 2005

....30 days to go....

I'm spending time each day trying to tie up loose ends. I had to send payments/deposits off for the wedding site and the photographer, and have sent the programs to the printer. The first wedding gift arrived this week (very exciting!). I'm going to lunch tomorrow with a girlfriend, and we're stopping at a local florist to look at some of my options. My mother found a wholesale flower guy who will put together whatever we want, we just need to let him know what varieties. I know sh*t about flowers, so I have to go wander around and see what appeals.

My mother and I visited a furniture rental place to see about tables, chairs and a bar - but it was all crap and would have cost a few hundred dollars. There's a church near my mother's house that sometimes loans furniture to congregation members, so she's looking into that instead. I also posted a flyer in the breakroom at my local pub, looking for someone to tend bar at the reception.

Despite having a laundry list of things yet to do, I feel okay. I know so many people who got so stressed before their weddings, about what was not yet done, or about who couldn't make it, or whatever - I'm really not feeling that. I get the occasional, momentary flash of panic when I remember something that had been tucked away in the back of my mind - but it's all doable, and I have so many friends and family who have offered to help me get everything done. I'm so grateful for that.

On an unrelated note, my deepest sympathies go out to Mel Brooks and his son, on the death of Anne Bancroft. She was a class act.

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