Thursday, June 16, 2005

....22 days to go....

Song lyrics of the day: "...and it's you when I look in the mirror...sometimes you can't make it on your own...."

My local radio station, KBCO, tries to be eclectic, but I'll tell ya - every time I turn on the radio lately, they're playing U2. Not that I object to U2. I wish there were more bands like them, and more celebrities like Bono - not content to sit and count his endless piles of cash, but using his celebrity for good rather than evil. No, my gripe with KBCO is lack of imagination. Their morning guy, Bret Saunders, is fun to listen to and all that (although I usually listen to the local NPR station in the mornings), but the playlists in the afternoons and evenings are always the same stuff - U2, Coldplay (sick of them, thanks very much), John Mayer, and usually something from the 70's thrown in (usually the Stones). Makes me miss my favorite LA station, KCRW. They have an incredible program called "Morning Becomes Eclectic".

This brings me to my other topic for today - TIGER! I know, I know - you're looking for the connection between my fond memories of a Santa Monica radio station and the new OS for my Mac. Ha! One of my favorite new features with Tiger is the Dashboard and the widgets. It just so happens that I went and downloaded a widget called RabbitRadio. RabbitRadio lets you select an NPR station from across the country, and streams it! 10 seconds to download the widget, 2 seconds to drop it into my Dashboard, 5 seconds to figure out how to change the settings (yes, it's that easy), and I heard KCRW. It almost made me cry, it was such a beautiful thing.

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