Saturday, March 19, 2005

I REALLY don't like Omaha. The only food available after 10pm is at Old Chicago, and even they close at 12:30am. It's mostly flat, grey, filled with homes all built using the same cookie cutter. While the Old Market district is quaint, it's also filled with rowdy teenagers from one of the two local college campuses (like I don't get enough of that in Boulder!). Also, WHAT KIND OF A MORONIC CITY/COUNTY STILL ALLOWS SMOKING IN RESTAURANTS? That's so 10 years ago. That must be why all the movies at the one movie theater that I drove past opened a YEAR AGO. It also explains all of the gigantic hospital complexes that we drove past - they need all that space to treat their citizens for the host of respiratory ailments that they will surely have. I kid you not, every single thing that I have with me now reeks of smoke.

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