Wednesday, January 31, 2007

19w 4d

I have an ultrasound tomorrow, just to check general health and measure some bones. They suspect that I might be a little further along than we first thought, probably only by a few days.

We've been pretty miserable the last couple of weeks. The cold and the wind and the snow have been relentless. Everyone up on the mountain assures us that this winter is by far the worst they've seen in years, but I'm not buying it. I miss my house in town, I miss being close to home even when I'm at work. Alex and I continue to disagree about just how long we have to stay in the mountain house (I'm lobbying hard for a move in April, but he isn't budging). The truth is that I probably won't feel like moving until at least this fall, and by then hopefully we'd have a new one year lease tenant in the old house. I can make it through one more winter, although preferably not one like this.

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