Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sorry to have missed a couple of days, Blogger site was on the blink for a while.

Today was Ice Rescue - we did our practical evals at the Boulder Reservoir. It was a beautiful day, but because it's been so warm, there wasn't a whole lot of thick ice. As the instructors pointed out, that actually makes it better for training, because people don't fall through the ice when it's 8" thick and you could park a semi on it. They fall through after a warm spell when the ice is weakest, so that's how we should train. I spent half the day in a "gumby" (really thick neoprene) suit, laying on my belly on the ice, dragging myself along with my arms and two ice prongs. Can I just tell you how sore my arms are? Plus, I think I cracked a rib again - at one point, I had to get in a hole and be "rescued" by one of the other members - this involved a rope around the chest, and then they yank from shore and pull you in. Plus, when they pull hard, you get jammed against the edge of the ice shelf that you've been clinging to. Gives me a whole new perspective on patient management.

Don't pay any attention to my whining. I had a blast.

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