Friday, May 16, 2008

Stuff I Love

I had to get a new phone. The former phone was pretty much only good for talking, and even for that limited use it wasn't great. I've gotten to a point with work where clients need to be able to have me respond to emails pretty quickly, even if it's just to confirm that I got it. I also needed something that played nice with my Mac but that wasn't going to cost me $400 and require that I wait until the end of June for the new iPhone (as sweet as that iPhone is, I'm just not digging the touchscreen when it comes to texting and emailing).

The lovely boys at my local AT&T store, who know me well by now based on the frequency of my visits with issues with the last phone, recommended the Blackberry. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. Sure, I wish that when it synched to my Mac it would do it via Bluetooth (nope, need to be connected via USB cable), or that when it imported my address book contacts it retained the pictures that I had associated with most contacts (frustrating, but not a deal-breaker). But overall the coverage is excellent, the battery lasts a good long while, and the keyboard is super easy to use. Best part is, I'm going to play with it for the next three weeks and if I'm not still loving it, I'll return it and wait a couple of weeks for the new iPhone.

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