Monday, June 19, 2006

Jodi had a conflict come up for Tuesday this week, so we met this morning instead. I was able to drag my ass out of bed early enough to do about 15 minutes of fast walking on an incline before she got there (so much for my cardio). Once she arrived, we did this:

  • Push ups - 3 sets of 12

  • Hip adductors - 70 lbs. - 3 sets of 12

  • Hip abductors - 90 lbs. - 3 sets of 12

  • Standing leg extensions - 3 sets of 12 / each leg

  • Seated wide grip pull downs - 35 lbs. - 3 sets of 12

I feel pretty good today. The leg extensions that we did today were easier than the ones last week (for me at least). I stand on one leg and lean forward to hold onto a bar, then draw my other knee to my chest, and then extend it out straight behind me, pivoting the hip joint of my standing leg. Since I used to do both ballet and gymnastics, this particular strech isn't difficult for me, but doing a lot of reps is certainly a good little burn.

Jodi also gave me some diet advice last week, and so starting today, I'm on the bandwagon of 5-6 small meals, about every 3 hours. This is hard for me, because I'm often not hungry, and I tend to lose track of time while I'm sitting at my desk. But I'm going to try. Just so that you'll all pity me, here's today's menu:

protein bar

2 hard-boiled eggs, whites only
5 whole wheat crackers
handful of green grapes

grilled chicken
small salad

1 c. of oatmeal
1/2 small red bell pepper
string cheese

small apple
2 small slices tri-tip steak
green beans
dinner salad

Seems like a lot of food. We'll see how I do.

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