Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I feel like I'm acting out a stereotype - I skipped out of work and am sitting at tiny little coffeehouse, listening to public radio and typing away on my laptop in this friendly little wi-fi environment. I have IM open, so work can still ping me, but otherwise....I figured, what the f*ck. Everyone in my group has taken to "working from home" - which used to be absolutely verboten, but now seems to be the norm.

Anyway, I've been sitting here working on the hellish doc that is my "2005 Personal Goals", which feeds into the larger doc known as "2005 (Department name here) Team Goals", which in turn must support the big enchilada, "2005 (Company name here) Goals". My friend Joe, sitting beside me at the coffee house (also "working"), pointed out that it was awfully late in '05 for me to be coming up with my goals, but since no one has come around askin', I haven't been wasting my time up until now. Unfortunately, I have to actually discuss said goals w/ my boss over lunch tomorrow, so must hustle and get them done.

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