Monday, December 15, 2003

There's something about a manicure and pedicure that just makes you feel like a new person. I bumped into my friend Kat while I was out shopping, and she said she was on her way to the salon and I should come along.....and now I'm sitting here, feeling blissful because someone rubbed my feet until I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. On my toes I'm wearing Tramp (dark, shimmery purple red), and my fingers got Two to Tonga (pearly pink). Feeling good and pretty and girly makes me want to make all kinds of resolutions about how I'll take care of myself, use the loufah on my feet each day, push back my cuticles and use vita E oil each night....but in the end, I know that I'll just go back to the salon in a couple of weeks, and my favorite nail people will welcome me with open arms. The foot rub alone is worth the $30.

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