Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Only two days left until Christmas! That means only one work day left (today), which will hopefully be cut short by decree of the big cheese around here (I heard a rumor that we would close at noon)....I'm feeling better, because all of the early December stuff is out of the way - I took my EMT exam, and will find out results in a couple of weeks; I finished my Christmas shopping; I sent out my holiday cards, although some will not arrive until after Christmas (I'm sure my friend in Japan will understand); I arranged for someone to watch my dog so that Alex and I can go up to Bailey on Christmas day and have dinner with friends - the distance practically requires that we stay overnight.

Last night I babysat with Ellen so that Mike and Joni could go out to dinner and see "The Lord of the Rings" - except that the theater changed the show times yesterday (after the daily paper came out and contrary to what was listed on moviefone.com), so they couldn't see LOTR, and settled for "Stuck on You" - unfortunately, Matthew decided that he couldn't possibly go to sleep without his mother present, and conveyed that message to us by screaming until he was gasping for breath. I eventually had to call Mike's cell and drag them out of the movie, Matthew had worked himself up into such a fit that I was getting worried.

Just got the message from the boss man that we're closing at 2pm. Oh well, better than nothing!

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