Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's in your bag?

Oh, this could be ugly.....

my bag - brown Gap bucket bag:
  • Herbacin kamille & glycerine hand lotion
  • cloth diaper / burp cloth
  • clear plastic envelope with coupons & gift cards
  • diapers, wipes & changing pad thingy
  • Moleskin for notes on a new project
  • spiral notebook for stuff that inspires me
  • receipts, unpaid bills, W-2s
  • plastic zip-top bag (from my last flight) with one lip gloss, one lipstick, one tub of lip stuff, Tide to Go pen, perfume
  • Trader Joe's facial tissue pocket pack
  • handkerchief with my initial embroidered on it
  • key ring 1 - house key, rental house key, safe deposit box key, friendship token, wisdom blessing ring
  • key ring 2 - car key and alarm thingy
  • digital camera
  • card holder for department store / infrequently used charge cards
  • 6 pens
  • small post-it note pad
  • USB flash disk
  • 2 tubes of lipstick, 3 tubes of lip gloss
  • Bellybar (granola bar for preggos, which I fell in love with while pregnant (and I'm not preggo anymore!))
  • nail file
  • homemade business cards that say "ring my cell"
  • dry shampoo
  • 3 checkbooks
  • wide-tooth comb
  • 3 tampons, one thong panty liner
  • cell phone
  • wallet (see below)
my "wallet" - Coach wristlet containing the following:
  • Anthropologie gift card from my sis
  • receipts
  • business cards
  • pictures of my boy and my niece
  • King Sooper and Sephora "loyalty" cards
  • driver license
  • 2 Visa cards
  • 2 bank ATM cards
  • insurance card
  • Costco card
  • Eco Pass (bus pass)
  • my husband's expired driver license (the only picture of him that I carry)
  • $35.07 in cash and coin
  • namaste blessing ring token

Might be time to get a smaller bag.

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