Sunday, April 16, 2006


Moms and babies are doing great - Gavin and his mom have to stay in the hospital until probably Monday, as he was delivered via Caesarean. Rachel and her mama just got home a few minutes ago. They live next door, so I saw them pull in as I sat at my computer. Both sets of Rachel's grandparents are here, and one grandpa had a video camera ready to record her homecoming. It was sweet and charming to see, but made me not a little bit sad - should Alex and I ever have kids, it won't be quite like that - my dad is gone, my mom already has 2 grandkids, and Alex's parents have enjoyed watching 5 grandchildren arrive so far. Still, it's nice to hear all the excitement from next door - the only thing missing is the banner strung across the garage door that announces "IT'S A GIRL!".

I now have one remaining girlfriend who is pregnant - her daughter is due in June. This has been a busy year for pregnant friends - at one point it seemed like I was going to a baby shower every week! I've decided that it's just a factor of my age - I'm 35, and most of my friends are within a few years of that age, so it's natural that they're either starting families, or having their last kids. Plus, this is Boulder - home to more sets of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.) than any other place I've ever lived, and a lot of those babies are coming to families who've waited a while to have them (read: moms are older!). They tell me that the likelihood of a multiple birth goes up dramatically as you approach 40, which frankly fills me with terror. It's probably one of the few reasons I still hesitate to consider getting pregnant - oh, I know, everyone says you figure it out and make it work, but I'm telling you, a single child would be lucky to survive in my house, forget more than one.

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